Particulars of Hyde Home Station, Otago.

Dunedin 1st May 1885

The Freehold extends to 1464 acres of superior farming land. 600 acres of which are in English grass and subdivided.

The Agricultural Leashold comprises 1320 acres exceedingly rich alluvial land leased for 21 years at 140 a year. 220 acres of this is magnificent English grass and 500 acres a very heavy crop of turnips. When this land is all down in English grass it will carry five sheep to the acre. 16 years of lease are still to run.
Both Freehold and Leasehold grow heavy grain as well as root crops. Indeed there is no richer land in Otago than a portion of this.

The Buildings are situated on the Freehold and comprise suitable Dwelling House, stable, barn, large woolshed &c.

The Run extends to 27,280* acres well grassed country adjoining. The bulk consisting of well low downs well sheltered and easily managed. The leases are indefeasable and have 13 years to run at the low rental of 276-10/- .

The Carrying Capacity of the property is not less than 15,000 sheep and 10,000 will be delivered. One of the runs having only been obtained a few days ago has not yet been stocked. About 2000 crossbreed sheep were fattened upon turnips last winter and other 2000 young sheep were wintered.

The Homestead is situated within about 6 miles of the Waikaia township and 12 from the Waikaia Branch Railway now under construction.

*NOTE: (Sept 2003). Was hard to read this was 27.280 acres or 27,280 acres - more likely the latter. If anyone can confirm, that would be great.

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Particulars of the



Birchwood is situated 60 miles from Invercargill, and is in the same latitude as Dunedin. The homestead is distant nine miles from the Wairio railway station; freehold within 21/2 miles, and leasehold within 1 mile.

7600 acres of Freehold, 3000 of which is subdivided into small paddocks, averaging from 10 to 250 acres, 2250 being in English grasses, and 750 sown in turnips. The remainder of the freehold, with the exception of 851 acres is good agricultural land. Both freehold and leasehold is substantially fenced and splendidly watered.

12000 acres Leasehold, with 9 years to run; rent 2d per acre per annum.

2000 acres Leasehold, with 10 years to run; rent 5d per acre per annum.

13,000 long wooled sheep, including 650 stud ewes and their lambs, also 200 pure rams.

150 head quiet Cattle, with horses, machinery, and all plant necessary for working a large farm.

House of 20 rooms, surrounded by flower garden and plantations, also kitchen garden of 13/4 acres, with water race for irrigation, chaff-cutting, and house supply; large stabling, harness room, coach house, barn, chaff-room, carpenter's shop, storehouse, woolshed for 8 shearers, drafting yards, sheep dip, overseer's cottage, 3 huts for men, and new farmhouse, with stables etc., distant 3 miles from railway station. Private racecourse of 1 mile and 10 chains close to homestead, upon which the Birchwood Annual Steeplechase Meeting takes place.

All the improvements have been made within the last five years, are very substantial, and in firstclass order.

Two well-stocked trout streams flow through the property, across which there are six good bridges, viz., 2 for heavy traffic, 2 for sheep, and 2 for foot passengers. There is an unlimited supply of coal, lime, timber, and building stone on freehold. The whole estate has been cleared of rabbits.

Price 4 per acre (leasehold given in). Terms can be arranged to suit Purchaser. Stock, furniture, plant, etc., can either be taken at valuation or put up to auction.