Specifications For Bush Felling

July 1889

Eight hundred and thirty six (836) acres - more or less of light bush in the Weber Survey District for Messrs. W & J.K. Bogle.

Tenders will be received for the whole Block or for Blocks of 200 acres marked A. B. C & D, as per sketch attached. The above acreage is horizontal or the official Survey measurement.


The underscrubbing includes all trees, saplings, supplejacks, vines, and creepers of every description up to 9 inches in thickness, which is to be felled six inches from the ground and the underscrubbing is to be kept not less than 7 chains in advance of the falling so as to allow the owners or inspector free access to the face of the work at all times.

Bush falling

All timber up to 9 inches in diameter to be felled not more than 18 inches from the ground; and above that diameter to be felled 2ft. 6in. from the ground.  All Rimu, Totara, White-pine, Matai, & Rata timber to be left standing, all other timber to be felled & cut free from the stump.

Time and Penalty

Falling to be completed by the 1st Dec. 1889. Should the work remain incomplete after the said 1st Dec. 1889 the contractor shall forfeit & pay the sum of Five pounds (5) per week during such time as the work shall remain unfinished.


Payments to be made monthly up to 75% of the work finished - which estimate of work shall be made by ?? Bogle or their Appointee whose decision shall be final.

The remaining 25 per cent (less any funds incurred as above shall be paid as soon as the contract is completed to the satisfaction of ?? Bogle or their Appointee in terms of this specification.

Should the contractor fail to complete the contract on the terms herin specified, the 25 per cent to be witheld until completion will be forfeited by him.


The tender for the whole Block to be accompanied by a deposit of 20 and tenders for each of the 200 acre Blocks shall be accompanied by a 5 deposit - which shall be returned should tender not be accepted.

Tenderer for the whole Block shall also name two approved sureties who will enter with them into a Bond for (75) seventy five pounds to ensure the due performance of the contract. Tenders will close with Mr. William Bogle in Napier on 10th July.

The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

William Bogle for           
Bogle Bros.           

green line

Memo. of Agreement made this 13th Day of July 1889 between William & James Kennedy Bogle of Napier of the one part and David Johnstone of Dannevirke of the other part.

The said David Johnstone hereby agrees to execute the Bushfalling &c referred to in the Specifications hereto annexed and in accordance with the provisions of the said Specfications for the sum of twenty two shillings and sixpence (22/6) per acre, and William Bogle & J. K. Bogle on their part agree to pay the said David Johnstone at the said rate of 22/6 per acre for the bushfelling referred to, in accordance with the specifications if the work is carried out according to the same.

Signed 13/7/89

NOTE: (Sept 2003). The above contract was on Section 3 , Block XV, and Section 4 Block XVI in the Weber Survey District. I assume this was very light bush, as Johnstone only had four and a half months in which to complete the job.

The names of the properties the contract is on appear to be Jones Knoll and Oparae.