SOVEREIGNTY: Unlimited, absolute sovereign power.
How can any person today, representing a particular race, political or religious body be sovereign over another? They can not of course, for true Sovereignty is overlord of all races, religions, persons etc., and will not be representitive of one, at the expense of another.

WHY WAS WAITANGI SIGNED: If you read the the first section or two of the main text you will gain an idea that there was a necessity for some form of law and protection. By signing the Treaty it was hoped by Maori and even respectful Europeans that they would gain protection from any ruthless, greedy or out of order Europeans, and that it would also give protection from other potential invaders, for example, the French. There was also obvious urgency from the missionaries to have some means legally of protecting Maori from being 'eliminated' for the sake of their land.

"LAND ....ALL GONE, STOLEN, GONE WITH THE MISSIONARIES". This quote for a while was a frequently searched phrase. I can only imagine that those searching for it are intent to use it as some sort of ammunition. Please read the whole tract carefully to see how misconceived this statement was.

CELTIC, SCOTTISH VIKING, AND OTHER REMAINS AND SITES IN NEW ZEALAND!? :The 'TAMIL BELL' found by Maori several hundred years ago in the North Island has always fascinated me as to why, how, who, when, etc. But, there are also many queries about other, earlier than Maori, inhabitants to be considered. There is quite a lot of information on this subject. The first article I read online was on Celtic and Scottish Viking sites in New Zealand.. There is also, on THIS PAGE at Celtic New Zealand further comment, with examples of differences (maori - non maori) in archaeological findings that leads to more interesting thought on this matter.