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Return Of People Employed at ORUAMATUA STATION August 1887
Caccia. W.B.Overseer100.00 per annum..
Smith. JanusHead Shepherd90.00 per annum..
HinksShepherd80.00 per annum..
MathurShepherd70.00 per annum..
TuckerShepherd70.00 per annum..
DewsShepherd70.00 per annum.Absent on leave from 7th September
AddisStockman65.00 per annum..
MallonyGeneral Hand25/- per week..
O'DwyerPloughman25/- per week..
RosythPloughman25/- per week..
HenwoodBullock Driver30/- per week..
ArnoldMarried Couple90.00 per annum..
FranksMens Cook25/- per week..
McInnisMusterer25/- per week.Engaged for mustering at 2 per week when that work commences.
Holes, JimGeneral Hand, Boy12/- per week..
WauCarpenter, Painter30/- per week..
WeibonsGeneral Hand25/- per week.Discharged September 13th.
HughesFencer, Contractor25/- per week.Discharged July 28th.
BarrettGeneral Hand25/- per week.Discharged July 9th.
Macnamara*Contractor61-8-11Splitting posts, rails, & firewood.
McLachlanContractor12-17-0Ditto above - Discharged July 28th.
Jensen*Contractor79-1-5Splitting posts, rails, & firewood.
Johnson*Contractor104-3-2Fencer and whare builder. Built three Outstations
MarshallCaretaker at Woolwash Shed25/- per week..
Hoyle & Co...Dr. 2-4-11 Paid.
Hoyle & JamesFencer. Wool Clipper59-7-8Discharged July 28th.
WalshContractor45-10-10Splitting posts & rails. Discharged Sept 24th.
StevensSawyerSawing Timber48-19-3 Timber cut but not yet taken over.
Charles AndersonGeneral Hand25/- per week.Discharged September 30th.
BayleyGetting stone.25/-, per week.One week.
TristriniGeneral hand20/- per week.Two weeks.
NethercliftCaretaker at Wool Wash15/- per week.Several weeks.
Mathew EdwardsBricklayerContract11.10.0 Discharged.

*Macnamara, Jensen and Johnson: Putting up sheep yards and fencing until shearing, then to be employed pressing during shearing. After that is over will discharge them.

McInnis is engaged as shepherd for mustering. By middle of November three others will be wanted and engaged to come then. After the shearing, two of the four musterers go, - two stay till the end of February.

I may be able to do with one shepherd less after the sheep work is over, but it is doubtful if there is much economy in that, as I should then require an extra musterer at higher wages during summer. [Note: A shepherd is employed permanently for all stockwork, whereas a musterer is generally brought in for seasonal work requirements, i.e for shearing].

NOTE: (Sept 2003). The above details are taken from an original 'Return of People Employed'. Columns giving breakdown of total wages etc. have been left out.  The figures could be read in equivalent $ (dollar) terms as $2.00 equalling 1 (pound), being (for example): 1-5-6 (One pound, five shillings and sixpence) as $2.56.

It should be assumed that board, meat and milk would be supplied free to station employees.

The above 'return' was found amongst old Williams and Kettle papers, and it was likely that this Stock and Station Firm had financed Oruamatua for A. & W. Birch of Erewhon Station.  Both properties were most likely run together.  Oruamatua was 6 miles from Moawhango and 12 miles (east) of Taihape.  The two properties totalled 120,000 acres.  T.H. Lowry and Watt purchased Oruamatua in 1906. In 1914 it was 9,700 acres freehold and 47,000 acres leasehold with 30,000 sheep.  The property was possibly part of a block taken by the Government for defence use in 1933.   If anyone can give further details it would be appreciated.

Wool weights and sheep shorn can be found HERE.