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These pages started back in the early 1990's and began as a New Zealand site on early history. They were inspired by an understanding of types and patterns throughout history, and the realisation that these patterns also link in with Scripture.  In fact they also line up with the Zodiac, the Pyramids, and the Bible - the whole thing being of the same Author.


And there is a desire to write about these things.  Possibly it is partly the challenge of trying to express Supernatural things in a written form.  It has been difficult to write them in a manner that is readable or acceptable to most, because the words or phrases I often use have been mis-interpreted throughout history. The challenge is to present it to a totally prejudiced people in a manner that would help them overcome the bondage of years of denominational thinking. 


There have been changing dispensations and there are dimensions running side by side, and there are true Christians that are separated to God from Christianity and other religions.  If you are new to these terms, well the understanding lies in simplicity, and our contrary human minds hate the thought or receiving anything freely without our input - and there is where the battle lies.  The mention of souls or spirits is another area where the brain tends to freeze or go blank, and it has taken me many years in wondering how that all fitted in to place, and when it did, it was just so simple that it makes me wonder where I had been.


With the N.Z. History pages, I have always believed that the ministry of Henry Williams in particular, was far more than just 'Henry Williams', - something very hard to put into writing, but if he had not been so mocked and trodden down by those who opposed his ministry, the whole of New Zealand would be in a far better state than it is now.  That part of his role is seen in the story symbolised by horses - Symbols are helpful in that it stops people blaming humans for what God has been doing.


I think my business or leading is just to write some of what I have experienced and understand into these pages - so that is what I am doing.  It may seem a bit odd to many, for it can not be followed in an intellectual manner. And that in itself is great, for otherwise there would be no means of escape.


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