This is not really an intellectual topic, so if you have been drawn here then keep on reading or listening. Some short audio extracts on a basic dimensional understanding are listed below, and there are a number of more up to date audio extracts given on the 2011 EXTRACTS PAGE.

Explaining in writing tends to hinder progress to some extent and is not as effective as the Spirit behind the Spoken Word, hence the need for audio extracts. All extracts are simple in understanding and it is assumed that if anyone gains any quickening in them, that they will seek the main source which is referenced.

What is This About?

It is about the Life or Inspiration behind what is happening in Earth and Heaven today. It is obvious to many that there is a mounting Spiritual awareness of Eternity being here, and even dwelling within us, and that we are even dwelling in It, It being separate again to the time dimension we live in. 

The 'world order' imposed by mankind on the Earth, (politics, religion and demonic spirits), is being shown up for what it is, and the current failing of that is known as the 'end of the world', (really already an historic event) and yet the Earth carries on.  The Spiritual person, those with Eternal representation, are being carried on through, being lifted above the intellectual control of the time-bound earthly spirit or mind.

The quickening and source of understanding, the 'pull' or 'food' drawing us into that Eternal dimension or awareness, has a lot to do with the nature of what is heard in these extracts.

The Seven Dimensions  (or in WMA format.)  9min 36sec

Theophany Defined  (or in WMA format.)  4 minutes

Theophany Nature  (or in WMA format)  1 minute

Extract from Realignment Intro 10-1010.  13min 12sec.

Extract from Realignment_2 10-1014  12min 54sec.

Extract on Rapture 08-0821  6min 5sec.

Eternity, Past, Future & Now 07-0114  2min 40sec. (or in WMA format).

The Resurrection is not an Event 05-0505 1 min. (or in WMA format).

Forget Religious Traditions 09-0517  7 minutes (or in WMA format).

More on Zodiac - Gathering Fragments 09-0521  5 min. 22secs. (or in WMA format).

Daniels Great Rock & Timing of World Collapse 07-0114  5min 30sec. (or in WMA format).

The Angel, Your Earth & Red Dragon 09-0405  9 minutes. (or in WMA format).


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What have Dimensions got to do with New Zealand history?
Answer: A large amount! If you wish to understand the history of any country more fully, then awareness of the sixth and seventh dimension gives knowledge of how the messengers (reformers / angels / prophets) were inspired, and of the reason behind all the events on the Earth in the past 2000 years.