Placing New Zealand, and Its History in Time.

A Gentle Introduction to our Supernatural Side

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The underlying story of man's past 200 years in New Zealand is beginning to unfold more clearly as we enter into the 21st century.  It is very different to what has been the normally acceptable story, and is a lot easier to understand as we leave behind some of our old perceptions.

By using several Biblical symbols it can be shown that the earth today, has shifted into another era or phase, and for some, a new dimension of understanding.  If, as individuals, we come to the realisation that recent history is a completed work of what was actually written into a Book thousands of years previously, then our understanding is identifying itself with that of the Author, and we are viewing the picture as though from outside of a time dimension.


Placing New Zealand 200 years ago:
The reformers, Martin Luther (1483-1546) and John Wesley (1703-1791) are well known by historians and to many of us through school-taught history. They were for the first time placed into a time and Biblical perspective through the extra-ordinary ministry of William Branham in the early 1960's.  This 'prophetic' ministry placed Martin Luther as the messenger or angel referred to in the Book of Revelation (Chap 3:1). He also placed John Wesley as the 6th messenger or angel of Rev.3:7.

What is referred to as the Wesleyan, or Philadelphian Age, running from 1750 to 1906, was the one in which missionaries left Europe for many parts of the earth; they went at the time of a great expansion of trade and exploration.  And the early missionaries arriving into New Zealand were part of that movement or era.

These men were sent to 'set people free' from spiritual bondage. It was other men that built organisations around them.

Notice - it is history!  I once thought the book of Revelations was 'out of reach' and a 'future' event, but through revelation it is now historic.

Closer study will show that a number of the missionaries, particularly of the Church Missionary Society (C.M.S.) were not from a background aligned to any organisational creed or religion.  They were dissenters, not 'dissenter' as in a denomination, but termed 'dissenter' because their thoughts were not compatible with organised religion, particularly the Church of England.  The most prominent of the missionaries, Henry Williams, being a classic example, his family being from a line of dissenters.  Dissenters did not fit, just as Jesus of Nazareth did not, and still does not fit.  The Church Missionary Society was to begin with, a voluntary organisation and was thus a successful tool in spreading this Gospel of Jesus Christ, the pages on the C. M. S. showing this.  And yet even within that Society there can be seen the slow take-over by the organised Anglican system, a daughter by nature of the Roman Church system. Organised religion was then, and still is, the 'enemy, the antichrist' - putting souls [people] into bondage and then reaping the financial rewards. They spit out those that did not or do not bow down.

(The 'Test Act of 1673' forbade Dissenters (amongst others) to hold any civil or military office, unless they renounced certain beliefs and partook of the C of E communion publicly.)

And that is the battle that was taking place at the beginning of the play, it was our history, and it still continues.  It is not a battle between class, race or colour; it is a spiritual battle - a clash between 'kinds' of people regardless of ethnicity!

It is the same also within this personal flesh.  The battle between the spirit of man in the head, and the Spirit of God within the heart.

With regards the Treaty - it was simply necessary because of the natures of mankind, and the best effort was made at the time to put it together sensibly.  Reading of the battle that the missionaries had with those such as the New Zealand Company [main article] will explain a lot of the spiritual battle going on, and why there were abuses of the Treaty.  I think that without having a complete knowledge of how any part of the Treaty would be mishandled, the spirit and intent expressed by Henry Williams in his understanding [here] shows most accurately the intention of the day.
The missionaries knew exactly what was happening with the Aborigines in Australia, and were thus intent to prevent wholesale slaughter in New Zealand, and in this end they were successful.  Many people search online for the phrase, 'who were the signatories that signed the treaty', but our main story has nothing to do with race or tribalism (if that is the motive behind their search).  We are now living in another day and should move on. 

People have fought and argued over the meaning of 'the Treaty of Waitangi', but we are not living in that time span now, and if we were living back there, we would not be able to visualise the way we look at it now - we have moved on!

The 20th Century:
As many have seen, there were many inter-religious and political arguments and differences during the 1800's, and the Government, which had changed spirit from the original intent of the British Crown, had made some quite unjust decisions.  However in the Spiritual realm things began to change.  In 1906 two significant events happened in the United States.  The modern Pentecostal church movement was born, as was the messenger or angel to that age, William Branham.  Events and numbers were lining up, William Marrion Branham (777) the seventh angel of the Book of Revelations, the messenger to the Seventh Church Age (Pentecost - Laodicea) was at hand.  Planets, dates, names, sequences, Scripture, prophecies - just so much pointed to this ministry.  The organisations rejected this new revelation that was brought to the earth, and 50 years later (1956) that age was indicted for the second crucifixion of Christ.  In 1963 the Seven Seals were opened fulfilling Revelations 10:7 and many other Biblical prophecies.  The Word of God was moving on, and those with religious creeds and dogmas were being left behind, trapped in their organisations by private interpretations of prophecy.

'Pente' = '50'. 1906 to 1956.
'Seals': Daniel (in about 530BC - Daniel Chap. 12) was told to seal the book of words till the time of the end, when the mystery would be unfolded (1963AD - Revelations Chapters 5 to 10). These understanding of these mysteries was unknown prior to then.

All of these events in the Spiritual realm, had significant effect world or earth-wide. The timing of wars, disasters, etc. all fall into place in order, coinciding with these messengers appearing through time. They travelled east to west (Luke 17:24 - the 'son of man' ministry being that of messengers or prophets), Jerusalem to the United States of America, which was mainly significant because it is the furthest west one can travel on the earth before going to the East again.  And that is why there were so many evangelists from western U.S.A., though only one true prophet  But even from there we move on, as that was the end of an era or age!


The 21st Century
For some 40 years since the Seals were opened, there was a period where the full reality of that prophetic message was not realised, but now, in the past few years, an ever strengthening Spirit of understanding has been unfolding.  An understanding which is so powerful that the human mind is receiving a big wake-up, or rather a 'let-go' call.  It is throwing the lineal thinking of man into turmoil, and to some is bringing a strong reality of another physical unseen realm here in the earth.  It is a dimension beyond personal thought or opinion, and it is Word, Spirit.


One of the most exciting things of this understanding is that it makes the Bible and William Branham's message more understandable.  Words and writings that were there all along, are now perceived in a different light!  Minds are changing and yet individuals that are receiving it have not done one thing at all of their own accord that would give them any personal merit in the matter.  People are begining to publish articles upon similar subjects but most are just talking about it, messing around on the fringes, as though just an intellectual concept.  I myself am writing about it here, and this may only come across to some as mere opinion.  However It is reality, closer-in than undeniable opinion.  All evidence is available, and all the necessary historic New Zealand data is on this website.  There is one thing that does help, and that is to get to the very source of the Spoken Word for today (2011), as the Spoken Word, after all, is the original Seed, and that is where the Life is. [See page link on right column].

Entering a NEW GENERATION OF UNDERSTANDING - The Supernatural perspective, with some AUDIO.

So God is revealing Himself today - not as a distant God, but an inner personal God - chasing out all the make-belief and wrong doctrines.  The 2nd coming of the Lord (a Spirit dwelling in the believer) culminated at the ministry of the 7th angel / prophet, William Branham when the 'mystery of God' for the past 2000 years was revealed in 1963.  The 2nd coming began in the believers in the upper-room given in the book of Acts, and ended at Revelation 10:7 (1963).  If you were waiting for a physical Jesus of Nazareth to return again with His nail-scars in the future in this time realm, then your thinking needs a shake-up.  It can not happen that way!


It was / is Spirit (Jesus) in Martin Luther, John Wesley, Henry Williams, William Branham, and the true believers, then and today - That Spirit not being in a temporal or an earthly time-frame.

We ourselves are not alive yesterday, nor are we living tomorrow, so a clear understanding and placing of the dimensions makes us realise that the concept of the Eternal, or Eternity, is even closer to home. Eternity means really, 'out of the time dimension'. The sixth and seventh dimensions (God in the believer and God Himself) is not 'future', as a time thought - it is here NOW. Of course it is an unseen (with the eyes) realm, and we all know this much, that Eternity has no end or beginning, nor could it have been created or thought about with our five senses. If we are conscious of it ...or get a glimmer ...by some strange experience or some awareness, we can only think it can be nowhere else other than in us!  Or we are in It!  Anyway, we are part of It.

And now, today, the realisation is also available that the nature or soul of the natural man has or is being over-ruled by the inner Soul of God within the believers; He said that He would be with and in us. That is the Inner man, which speaks in the 'wee small voice'. The soul born of sex (the 'man of sin'), our fleshly body, will die sooner or later: dust to dust stuff. As the realisation of this becomes clear and 'things fall into place', we understand simply that hell is here on earth, more actually, in our personal earth; and heaven (Eternity) likewise, is in our earth (me, you). The thought that they are in some other place - up in the clouds say, or down some deep cave, or waiting for us in the future someplace - becomes non sense.


Have you noticed what is happening? Many people and groups are talking about dimensions, and perhaps not realised we have already entered into what we term the Third Coming. We know a true believer can not die; that is the Christ within.  [This earth-born flesh will, and to dust it will go.]  And yet forever it seems, the battle between the Spirit of God, and that human spirit rages on - the battle of Armageddon within you!

We once thought that the Communists, or the Pope or the Roman Catholic Church, or even the Government, were the Anti-christ - but it is now very evident that the spirit of the naturally born earth man, is anti to the Christ in you. So the battle, 'Armageddon', we realise is the accepting or rejecting of Christ, personally ...the battle between the Spirit of God within us and the human spirit.  That is the greatest battle ever fought. What on earth made us so proud as individuals, to think that we were greater, and that everyone else was the one with the problem!

'Coming' is merely a term used to guide or invite the mind into a new thought (for Jesus never went away anyway).

It makes any historic issue seem not really relevant any more.  We can understand.  It had to be.  Lets move on.

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