Explanation the Supernatural side

of New Zealand History

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With reference to the last page there is one VERY important aspect to recognise.  And that is the time span in which the events occurred, for the story is history!   In fact the bulk of the period described covers the second coming of the Lord, for that is Who It was, riding with his saints through those two thousand years on the White Horse.

The 'Lord' ....Spirit - Holy Ghost, outworking Itself through particular vessels not of man's choosing).

The creatures or beasts used are symbols for powers.  They are not future monsters out to get someone, as many have so often feared, but merely symbols of what happened throughout history and today.

The fully White Horse of course has to be the One that had a name on His thigh written King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and the other that changed colour had really no foundation, its rider having a bow but no arrows of deliverance.

Revelations 4:7
Chap 5
Lion 6:1
Calf /Ox 6:3
Man 6:5
Eagle 6:7
All introducing stages of the opposing horse.
K of K = Rev 19:16.

Now in the C.M.S. history, it is seen initially that there was minimal success in Maori hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ when promotion of the 'Arts of Life' (civilization) was put to the fore, but when the Gospel became introduced through simplicity, just basically with the written Scripture and living a clean and orderly life, the difference was very evident.  Then after a short period of a few years, the coloured horse began to introduce holy days for saints, and days for other festivals of Babylon, and that brought a big disruption between the people.  There were volumes written at the time of the spiritual battle between men that were Supernaturally aware, and those of opposing organised church system, in this instance, elements within the Anglican institution coming against the clarity of the Gospel as had been received by the Maori - a Gospel uncontaminated by previous Christian prejudices. So as the religious 'system' took over, many Maori, and even the head missionary, were either considered 'backsliders' or accused of inapropriate behaviour, so they were rejected from the church (as was Jesus), and there, is plainly seen the rivalry between the two horses.

The C.M.S. started as a voluntary body.

Clear identification of these events became apparent for what they were when the Eagle stage of the main white horse came into being. An eagle represents a seer or prophet, and he was born at the time that the other horse changed its colour to pale or gray. This occurred just after 1906 when there was a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Los Angeles, and from there began the Pentecostal movement.

Biblicly, that age was called 'Laodicea', neither hot nor cold but a mixed 'lukewarm' pale.

If looking at the stature of a man, the mouth (tongues) age was very evident at that time, but the lukewarm Pentecostal church organised and rejected the prophet, William Branham, and his message (Jesus Christ), Who unfolded this mystery of what is written here.  To those that refused to listen, it is still a mystery.  The end of the second coming was then at hand, as he was the seventh angel or messenger.  All previous six messengers being reformers, had been given a greater portion of understanding through each age to give strength to the white horse through the ages, but the seventh was to reveal the whole mystery of God.  The mystery of the seven seals was opened in 1963, the first four seals involved the Lion, Ox, Man, and Eagle in the story on the previous page.

The 7 stars of Rev 1:16 and 1:20; Chaps 2 & 3 & 10:7
Paul 53-120
Iraenaeus 170-312
Martin 312-606
Columbia 606-1520
Luther 1520-1750
Wesley 1750-1906
Branham 1906 - 1963?


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