A Pandora's Box of food for thought, above and beyond Waitangi.

Various extracts from missionary records re Treaty and pre-Treaty days in New Zealand, and items on very early inhabitants, with comment on current affairs, attitudes and changing worlds.

All items are being placed on this DIRECTORY page.

  I first met Ernie when in my 40's, and we became very good friends, he being of Tuwharetoa descent and from the shores of Lake Taupo, and myself being close to 100% British in ancestry. Neither of us considered we were Māori or Pakehā, for we didn't live with those thoughts. Neither were those thoughts in the mind of those who formulated the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.

It was very soon after the Treaty, that the Wairua or Soul of the Treaty was broken, causing one of the main initiators (Henry Williams) to write in 1847, 'How furious the natives will become when they realise how severely they have been deceived and cheated!'

We should not restore the original treaty, for human nature will end up making the outcome even worse than it is now, and it is vanity to even re-write it. The mere idea of suggesting that a treaty should exist today, is in itself both making and promoting division, encouraging the present divide-and-rule nature of the current system to continue. THERE IS NO NEED FOR A TREATY AT ALL.  We just need to grow up.

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WATCHING MR TRUMP! This particular item pertains very much to New Zealand. It is often easier to see an event occurring elsewhere to be able to recognise what is happening closer-to-home.

A short reminder that our physical bodies, Mother Earth, Planets and Universe are all linked together HERE - give this a read, as it helps to understand the new Aquarian House we are living in.

Continuing on from the above, HERE is a very brief outline of why we are not living yesterday.

And on some expectations and current events in AQUARIUS.

The word 'māori' (pre Colonialism) meant 'ordinary' or 'common', therefore all of the country's ethnicities today are 'māori' anyway! There are not two human species!..Continue this here.

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A COUNTRY NAME-CHANGE TO KIWI?: If Britain had ruled commerce at that time of the European Colonialists arriving here, ten with little doubt the country would be named New Britain or even New England! 'Aotearoa', 'New Zealand', or should it be 'Kiwi'? We are often already referred to as Kiwi's.

THE WEST is currently in the news. The geographical West officialy ends at an International Dateline (established in 1884) between the West Coast of the United States, and the East starts in Asia and New Zealand, Wellington being the first major Capital City to start a new day. But the WEST that is being opposed by most Colonialised countries refers to the nature of Imperialism! Sadly, that nature has now permeated all peoples and countries on the Earth, so every country is now guilty of it.

With these Colonialists came something vastly different to the culture and understanding (of that time) to those of the East: China, Japan; native New Zealanders, Americans and other communities. These people had no concept of the manner in which MORTGAGES (death pledges) were used to bind people through DEBT! Money was being used as an an intermediary or proxy instead of face-to-face simplicity. Mortgages had all their vices with them; interest (a charge for something that does not naturally exist), then penalties for non-compliance, charges for this and that, threats of punishment - even death. Laws, tarrifs and so on. Welcome to Imperialism!

I couldn't figure it out initially, as Japan was in the physical East and yet in the early 1900's it was attacking China with large and modern Western style battle ships causing many millions of deaths and casualties. Chiang Kai-shek in China, financed from United States Banks and other sources, was assumed by the public in the USA and China to be helping China defeat Japan, and yet he was instead stubbornly resisting any defence against Japan, and spending his resources 'eliminating' more Chinese. He caused the deaths of millions, using 'Communists' as a convenient excuse, and receiving financial reward for doing so. Simultaneously, the British were financing their own interests in Japan, having had led Japan into indebtedness during the 1800's.

Mao Tse-Tung (1893-1976), born in China is known as being the 'enemy' to the West, and even to this day has so many vile words thrown at him that it makes me ask, "What is the great good he must have done that causes him to be abhorred so much?" In briefly studying the earlier half of his life, I see him initially as a librarian with pacifist tendencies at heart, being attacked on all sides and forced into a position of trying to save his people from extinction. What happened later on, when Marxist ideology became involved certainly changed circumstances. On the positive side of Mao, if it was not for him in the early days, very few Chinese today would exist.

Along with Mortgages and Debt there is another term that must be mentioned, as it is becoming more important in today's world, and I have been made very wary of it, and that is Derivatives', a modern word that means to assume or gamble on the value of future markets. To 'assume' is to venture without understanding - maybe the same as gambling.

Why is this being written? To show that what was happening back there is still happening today, but in a more spiritual sense. All warfare is based around propaganda as a main element. Little thought is given for lives as the industry is geared around profit, material rewards and power. We are trained into it by media, at schooling, etc., the care of humanity as being the prime motive, merely being lip-service, while the people are governed more and more, individual freedom being stolen ...will open this up more - (there is an answer).

Student loans do not guarantee a job or employment, but certainly guarantees debt, and in some cases a lot of heartache.

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An holistic (wholeistic) approach to history is very beneficial, because whatever we hear or see we don't have to argue with, judge or condemn, knowing that the correct understanding will soon fall into place. Otherwise there becomes just too much too handle and we don't know which way to turn.

Words are powerful, and as understanding develops, perceptions change. What we once may have considered to be a future fearful event, dissolves with understanding. For instance, the word Armageddon that was once feared, I find is not a future event at all, but just refers to the battle we have sorting out the changes in our own mind as we mature. After all, this (mind) is where it is all happening.
There is no need to fear the future - the Earth doesn't end, but the world we live in, ends (dies or changes continually) - a good thing. We grow into a new world daily.


Metoikos12 April 2024.