A Pandora's Box of food for thought, above and beyond Waitangi.
On discovering a world where Māori and Pakeha do not exist.  Where religious and political organisations have lost their dominance, leaving individuals and Earth thriving and healthy.


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01 WAITANGI is a locality in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand (Aotearoa), being historically significant in relation to an 1840 Treaty signed between the earlier inhabitants and European arrivals.  That Treaty was OK for its day, but we are not living back in that time-period.  The spiritual thread running from the past and on up to and beyond Waitangi is an excellent example for highlighting similar patterns in nations today.

The Treaty in 1840 was absolutely NOT based upon race!  Natives, missionaries (and no doubt others) were urging the need for protection from England to prevent the natives from being exterminated.  This was considered an extreme likelihood at the time, there having been already many 'merciless cruelties being perpetrated by English traders' on the natives, and it was known that there would be worse to come if not stopped.

The English desire for dominance in commerce, and in gaining money and riches at the expense of humanity, was heading to New Zealand, leaving behind it a trail of plunder and conquering of both land and peoples.  We were next in line from India, where the East India Company had left an horrific trail.  In New Zealand the same nature portrayed itself as the 'New Zealand Company', and by various means, including the use of the 1852 NZ Constitution Act., changed the initial spirit or intent of the Treaty to become the political system we see in 2023.

But there were others that had come from England with different intentions.  Particularly the missionaries, who of a totally contrary nature had no intention of trading in arms, and would avoid conflict and warfare at any cost, even if their families were threatened.  Often funded by family sources, and certainly not by commercial or profiteering interests, they introduced Te Reo in written form, worked on translations between Te Reo and English, printing dictionaries and Biblical testaments. (Education led on to some great colleges like Hukarere and Te Aute).

Side-by-side they came as one entity, and today their legacy can be seen throughout the country.  Many cities and other places became named after the conquering 'heroes' of India; Hastings, Napier and Havelock for example, and yet on the other side the native place names are still intact.  Side-by-side, Pahia and Russell, - it appears where the missionary resided there was no intention or even thought of changing place names.  They did not come for that.
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We have to know our personal history.  The more we understand (from allowing inquiry within our self), the greater the realisation becomes of our ancestors not being so far from us.  Nor in the future.

  The historic Colonialism we complain of is a distraction.  All elements of it are found in our personal self.
  Holy Spirit / Wairua Tapu is.  Just different languages.
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