The History of the Church Missionary Society

Very good reading. There are three sections here, the first begining at a time some 20 years before any established and welcome mission came to New Zealand, mentions some of the earlier Maori that visited overseas in pre-missionary times. It covers the genuineness of the Treaty, and then turmoil caused by the intention to 'change the rules', Maori 'movements' and touches on the wars.

Part 1 from Vol 1. 1786. Samuel Marsden - his opposition from authority and traders - meeting first Maori. Civilization or Gospel? Ruatara, Hongi, Samuel Lee, Henry and William Williams, etc.

Part 2 from Vol 1. Advent of Colonists - Annexation of New Zealand - Bishop Selwyn, his travels and trials - Treaty - Colonial Encroachment and Maori Discontent - Governors Fitzroy and Grey - The Missionary Lands Question - Grey's Secret Despatch - The Maori Bible.

Extracts from Vol 2. Maori Religious freedom threatened - Grog shops - Land disputes - The King movement - Taranaki War - Waitara - Sir George Grey - Pai-Marire

Christianity Among The New Zealanders

By the Right Rev. William Williams, D.C.L.     Bishop of Waiapu.

CHAPTER I   1808-1814    Rev. S Marsden and the New Zealanders

CHAPTER II   1815-1822   The Dark Night of Heathenism

CHAPTER III   1823, 1824   The Dawn Of Day

CHAPTER IV   1826, 1827   Perilous Crisis of the Mission

CHAPTER V and ONWARDS   Can be obtained on this link at
the University of Auckland website on early NZ books

War Canoes and Mission Boat