Connecting our bodies, Mother Earth, Planets and Universe.

The Earth* travels around the Sun at close to 30 kilometers each second, spinning and wobbling as it continues on its journey, giving seasons of cold and hot, night and day, and so on. There are stars, planets, galaxies and more, all working in unison.

Every living thing on Earth is affected by the rhythm of magnetic frequencies from these planets as they interact with each other in the universe. Seasons continually change, as do patterns of sleeping and waking, migration, grazing, nest building and babies. Shedding hair or feathers, leaves and exoskeletons, and so much more. A continual explosion and busyness of life.

Every year the same stars come around again and line up as they did the previous year — as they have done for aeons. There is the Sun and Moon, and Matariki is the same as Pleiades, and out of some of the 88 named constellations or groups of stars there are twelve represented in the Mazzaroth or Zodiac.

My own interest was really quickened upon realising that it takes twenty five thousand (25,000) years for the Earth to complete its full cycle until it lines up again in exactly the same position against the Zodiac, and keeps continuing the same. This larger time-frame of 25,000 years divided by 12 gives about 2080 years each, giving 12 ages or houses. A line drawn through the centre of the Earth (North - South) shows a circular wobble which determines the positioning.

The beginning of the Age of Pisces began at the year 0 or 1 A.D., and the official beginning of the full age of Aquarius (determined by astronomical events) was on November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11! Since the early 1960's the Earth began leaving the influence of the Piscean Age and we entered into the influence of the Aquarian Age. (I remember well the hit song sung by the 5th Dimension in the late 60's about the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius).

My next thought was, 'How did the symbols or signs of animals, fishes etc. get written into the images seen of the stars or constellations that are visible?'. Well, humanity goes back a long time, several hundred thousand years or more, and just in 100,000 years we have been through the same cycle 4 times. Mankind was not as unlearned in the past as we have been led to believe, and in recording these events over time, the symbols would have been drawn to reflect the influences or effect that different seasons and times had on nature and humanity.

This should open up more clearly from here on. There is a vast change in thinking from when we were in the Age of Pisces and what is unfolding now in Aquarius, and this can bring tremendous battles in our own mind and between individuals, often causing many disagreements and life-changing circumstances. This is not just an idea or concept, but a real happening. You, I and all of humanity is involved - people of all birth-signs being included.

For many decades I had thought that I had to be up in the heavens somewhere in the Zodiac, looking down at the Earth. But it is exactly the opposite — we are looking at the Zodiac and stars from inside our own mind, grounded in the Earth.

* EARTH: It helped me greatly to distinguish between 'Earth' and 'world'; the world being the order or framework of events that humankind has placed onto the Earth and its inhabitants with organised religion, politics, greed, wars and so on. It is that 'world' which ends (changes) so that we can keep moving forward — growing and sorting out all the past nonsense (which is what is happening at the moment). The Earth or globe we live on has no end! When our attention is not caught up in the worldly distractions of media, politics, money-making, etc., then Mother Earth again comes to the fore, particularly when we realise our physical bodies are made of it, and how much the seasonal and planetary changes affect our health and lives.