The section on The Trail Surrounding the Treaty of Waitangi touches upon a string of events, the main source of reference being Vols. I and II of the book The Life Of Henry Williams by Hugh Carleton, (published by Upton & Co., Auckland 1874) which is quoted often and in which is found quoted extracts from "Early Recollections" by Henry Williams.

The pages of extracts pertaining to New Zealand from the 'HISTORY OF THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY', It's Environment, It's Men and It's Work. By Eugene Stock is published London by the Church Missionary Society. 1899.

"THE AUTHENTIC AND GENUINE HISTORY OF THE SIGNING OF THE TREATY OF WAITANGI." is written by William Colenso F.R.S., F.L.S. (Lond.), - Published by the Government Printer in 1890, and reprinted by Capper Press, ChCh in1971.

There are four items in the section on Trails Through the New Zealand Countryside. The source of the material is the book, 'WILLIAM COLENSO' by A. G. Bagnall and G. C. Petersen, published by A. H. & A. W. Reed 1948.

Several sections of the book 'WILLIAM COLENSO' have been used on these 'Trail of Waitangi' pages because of the depth of research into the life of Colenso by the authors Allan Bagnall and George Petersen. Both these men independently were working on the same biography for a number of years before being aware of each other, at which time they decided they would collaborate in producing this work. They spent much time retracing the steps of William Colenso, following as much as possible the same routes, and even collecting and growing plant species named by or after him. Their extent of research into written material was extensive, and they drew on many sources of valuable notes and information from various Colenso descendants and other sources.
Appreciation is given to the families of these authors for permission granted to publish their work online.

In the Muskets and Religion page which includes, items on utu and cannibalism, various items are collated from a string of events described in pages 23-35 of "Christianity Among The New Zealanders" by The Right Rev. William Williams, DCL. Bishop of Waiapu. (1867). One item is taken from the 'Life of Henry Williams' described above.

Other items are generally referenced to the above sources, excepting on the non-Waitangi pages. Any other comment or unreferenced work, manner of presentation and expression, are generally my own.

Any graphic images used as backgrounds on these pages are taken from books of, or relating to, authors of extracts quoted.

Gary Williams, Napier. N.Z.